Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Chinese Dating Site Wars and Funny Goings Ons...

So I started the Asian Dating Sites Guide back in August 2010. I'd had a terrible time with my Chinese lady, but that's another story altogether. What upset me just as much was that I really felt like I was being taken for a ride on the Chinese dating site I was using (Chnlove). I was paying a lot of money to send emails to and from ladies. I kept getting contacted by ladies way younger than I wanted to meet. Yes this happens on all dating sites but when you have to pay over $5 a time to email them it's obviously a trap to lure you into wasting your hard earned cash.

The Asian Dating Sites Guide is starting to get some interesting feedback from dating site members. Remember folks, it's us MEN who pay for online dating - most sites allow ladies to join free of charge. So it's us MEN who should be setting the agenda here.

So recently I got a really long comment on the site and decided to publish it here. It's an interesting read for anyone thinking of using an Asian dating site. Sadly I've heard this story time and time again.

Interestingly, within 24 hours of publishing the comment, somebody has lept to Chnlove's defence. Is it Chnlove defending their own site? I've no easy way of telling. The comment was posted from a network in the US. But the English looks Chinese-like. Other dating review sites have a long history of seeing positive and negative comments, so nothing would surprise me.

So here's the honest truth about Chnlove. I met a lady on the site. She was real. I visited her in China. She was great. Our relationship did not work out. No fault of Chnlove - it happens. But I spent hundreds of dollars on that site. I could have joined Chinese Love Links or Cherry Blossoms for around $150 for an annual membership. And for that I could have chatted to hundreds or even thousands of women. I could even have joined DateInAsia and chatted to Chinese girls for free. Sure there are scammers on these sites. But chat to enough ladies and you'll easily be able to sort them into different categories of lady. On Chinese Love Links I see the same types of lady time and time again. Likely scammer. Narcissist. Time waster. Girl looking for Mr 100%. Green card seeker. Blah blah blah.

To be fair, I was also impressed with Chnlove support. They were always quick to respond to my questions. The problem lies in China itself. The marriage agencies that Chnlove relies on to supply the lady profiles don't have a good reputation. There is abundant proof of blatant dishonest activity going on. Yet Chnlove appear to take no action against the agencies. The problem is that it's not really in their interests to do so. The more letters an agency sends through Chnlove, the more money that Chnlove make. Simple as that. So don't expect to see anything change anytime soon.

Anyway, if you don't like Chnlove, vote with your feet. Use one of the other Asian dating sites.

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