Monday, 14 February 2011

Finding Love on Chinese LoveLinks

So I'm now into the second month of my Platinum membership of Chinese LoveLinks. I am starting to really like this site.

My head is spinning from speaking to so many girls on the site. One tip I have is to focus on a specific area of China. The country is so vast, and the people so diverse that you need to limit your options somewhat. Although China has opened up to the outside world, as a Westerner you'll still find it quite difficult to travel around the different cities. Buying train tickets is quite complex if you don't speak Chinese. What's often more frustrating is that China has such a vast population that trains and buses are frequently full, and finding tickets at certain times of the year can be very difficult indeed.

I am currently looking for Chinese ladies to visit in one of the largest cities in China. The city is one of the wealthier coastal cities. Few ladies I've spoke to are actually from this city, they are largely economic migrants.

It was announced today that China officially overtook Japan to become the world's 2nd largest economy. I am not surprised. People associate Asian ladies with poor mail order brides from farming communities. But the Chinese LoveLinks ladies I have spoken to have been overwhelmingly in the alpha female category. Most have office jobs that pay a decent wage. Some speak very good English. Sure, many of them have to share apartments with friends, but this city is expensive. It was much the same when I worked in London - an apartment of my own was way out of my price range.

I am still not entirely sure that I like the idea of an alpha female wife. Few men actively seek a lady who has greater earning potential than he does. But the reassurring thing about these top ladies is that they're usually marrying for the right reasons. They have good jobs. Often their families are wealthy. They don't need our money, or our Western passports.

So if you're intrigued by the possibility of finding a Chinese wife, then sign up for a free membership of Chinese LoveLinks and see if you like the idea of finding a Chinese wife of your own.

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