Tuesday, 22 February 2011

How Good is Asiandating.com?

Asian Dating (sometimes known as Asian Euro) is a popular Asian dating website. The site has tens of thousands of Asian singles registered with it. The site is most popular with men seeking Asian mail order brides. But it's also a site worth using if you're a Western lady seeking an Asian husband.

AsianDating.com is generally a good dating site. The search facilites are excellent, and there are plenty of ladies to chat to. The site is technologically more advanced than its competitors such as Cherry Blossoms.

The best thing about AsianDating.com is that for a single membership fee you can chat to ladies from a range of different Asian countries. Not sure if you want an Asian wife from Thailand, China or the Philippines? No problem - you can chat to them all on AsianDating.com.

The best thing about AsianDating.com is also the worst thing. If you're specifically looking for a wife from a particular country then there won't be such a great selection of ladies on AsianDating.com as compared to a country specific dating site. So if you're looking for a Filipina wife you're better off on Filipino Heart or Filipina Kisses.

So if you're looking for an Asian bride then sign up for a free membership plan at AsianDating.com and see if you like the idea of finding an Asian wife.


  1. Hi,

    I just started a blog as a relative is a victim of romance scammers on Asiandating.com:


  2. asian dating.com is a total waste,a rip-off,and is filled with a lot of scams,from my experience you don't know who you are really talking to.it fake pictures a lot of lady-boys,they say they are interested in you but when you ask them lets get to know each other,they stop.so my advice to all the men "buy beware!do the math.it could be a serious scam!

  3. I have noticed a majority of the women on this site are fake with a few real ones. Use your best judgment when going to this site

  4. Replies
    1. im sure im the 5% left lol(as an asian and A GIRL)

  5. Hello everyone,i would like to know about that site more. I am an asian lady,and currently joining that site without put my picture on. I am looking for a new friend from that site, but some of them only look for they love. Do i have to cancel my account there?, what the best site to search for a friend?.Thank you.

  6. inbox had messages from lots of girls.. same exact few messages, different girls. SCAM

  7. I met a nice woman on Cherry Blossoms. We skyped for 2 months and I went to the Philippines to vist her.Went to Boracay, had a great time but she did like to spend money. I came home we continued to skype. She said we both should close our CB accounts. So I did. To this day she continues to profess her love for me and wants us to have a life together. I still wasn't sure I could trust her. I started checking other sites. I found her on Filipino Cupid, Filipino Christian, Asian dating. She is active on all. I set up an account under a different name and emailed her. She responded immediately and wanted my skype address. Her profile says, NO FAKES, NO GAMES.She is real, you can see her but she is a player. I thought Asian women were happy if they found a good guy. She is just a player. I guess she's too western. Point is, even if they seem real they can still be playing you.

  8. yes fake but im one of the 5 % real...i do not ask anything only friendship....and time when i need someone to talk to..