Wednesday, 16 February 2011

How to Find Thai Mature Ladies

This is another question many Western men ask when they're interested in finding a Thai wife. Although there are many pretty young Thai girls on Thai dating sites, if you're an older man you're usually better off choosing a mature Thai lady closer to your own age.
The best Thai dating site is probably ThaiLoveLink. Sign up for full membership and you'll be swamped with interest from Thai ladies. This site tends to attract educated ladies who have a computer at home or in the office. There are some very good ladies on this site, particularly if you like more intelliegent "alpha female" type Asian ladies.
Many older Thai ladies don't have computer skills or English language knowledge however so they're unable to sign themselves up to dating sites. These ladies either ask a friend to put them on the site or they approach a Thai marriage agency. Mature ladies can be found on a site like Foreign Ladies or Thai Matches. These sites translate your letters into Thai so the lady can read your correspondence. Although convenient this can be an expensive way of conducting a relationship.

Many mature Thai ladies also prefer to sign up to a marriage agency like Anglo Thai Introductions or Thai Professional. These agencies offer a fixed fee introductions service, and they're worth considering if your finances are limited.

By the way, Thai ladies are lovely, but it's also worth considering mature Chinese women. Mature Chinese women are often incredibly hot! Trust me - I've been to China four times, and I've seen them with my own eyes!!!

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