Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Problems With Expensive Letter Writing Dating Sites

Here's an interesting submission to the Asian Dating Sites Guide. A guy has got some good evidence for suspicious activities going on in a popular Chinese mail order brides type of dating site.

These sorts of problems occur quite often with Russian dating sites as well. Typical problems are:

You have to pay for a translator, even when you're talking with a lady who speaks good English
If you're in a relationship with a lady, then she's rarely taken off the site. Meaning that other men are wasting their money writing to her, or you're wasting money on a lady who won't commit.
The lady isn't always aware of letters you're writing to her, so you're basically paying for the translator to send you back a standard response that takes 5 seconds to send.

So what's the solution? Sites like Russian Euro or Asian Euro allow you to chat to as many ladies as you like for one monthly or annual fee. I joined Chinese Cupid recently and it cost just $165 for the entire year. I've exchanged emails with at least 20 ladies. Many of them can write very good English.

It's a lot harder to communicate with ladies who don't know much English. But maybe you're better off hiring your own trusted translator to write you the occasional letter when it's important to get your facts right. And remember that without a translator you're forced to learn her language, and this is a great way to appreciate Russian or Asian culture. Trust me - a lady will think you're wonderful if you attempt to learn a language like Chinese, Thai or Russian!

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