Monday, 14 February 2011

Mail Order Brides from the Philippines

When men decide to find a mail order bride they tend to automatically think of Thailand. But is Thailand the best place to find an Asian wife?
It's possible that many men are overlooking Philippines mail order brides? Filipinas have a number of advantages:
  • Being mostly god-fearing Christians, they tend to treat marriage more seriously than Thai or Chinese ladies.
  • There are many Filipinas that can speak and write good English. You'll find loads of them on dating sites like Filipino Cupid.
  • They often work overseas, so Filipinas are more used to leaving their families and living in distant lands.
  • Filipinas are a lot of fun, and tend to be less demanding than other Asian ladies such as Chinese women.
On the downside there are plenty of Filipina dating site scammers on many of the Asian dating websites. But never send anyone money and you yourself will be unlikely to end up the victim of such a scam. As you get more experienced at Filipina online dating you'll also learn how to recognise the scammers from the honest ladies.

So sign up to some Asian dating sites and see what you're missing.

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