Monday, 31 January 2011

Chinese Love Links - First Impressions

So I've signed up for Platinum membership of Chinese Love Links. This is a great Chinese dating site, and I really wished I'd used it in 2009 instead of Chnlove.

Chinese Love Links has a flat rate fee (around $160 for an annual subscription). On Chnlove I had to pay around $5 each time I sent a Chinese lady an email. This paid for translation costs, but this was a bit of a sham as some of the ladies could write English anyway.

I've been pretty much swamped with admirers on Chinese Love Links. Unlike Chnlove, the majority of the ladies are someone I might be interested in. The only timewasters have been:

  • A few ladies with hidden profiles. They say they're hiding from creeps and jerks, but I worry they might be scammers.
  • Nanning ladies - sorry but I would avoid any ladies from Nanning, as there seem to be a lot of scammers from this city.
  • Young girls. I've had a few 22 year olds contact me, and the age difference is pushing it a bit.
  • Location, location, location. Not many ladies are reading that I only want to meet ladies in a particular Province. Grrrr. They are very lovely, but China is too vast to visit ladies in 5 different cities on one trip.
I am impressed with the quality of the lady on Chinese Love Links. There are many beautiful ladies on this site. Chinese ladies tend not to smoke or drink alcohol, and when they go out in the sun they take a sun umbrella with them. It really does make a difference! Apart from being beautiful, these ladies are well educated, and many have really good jobs and careers. Mail order brides these are not.

Many of the Chinese Love Links ladies speak and write pretty good English. Thankfully this time I can write basic Chinese, so that is something that really impresses them.

Bizarrely, the two ladies I have spent most time talking to are both Sichuan girls (despite living in one of the coastal cities). I have written it before and I'll mention it again - the Sichuan lady is the beautiful lady. I'm getting good at picking them out on Chinese dating sites. If beauty is your top priority then set your search for a city such as Chongqing, Chengdu or one of the cities bordering the Sichuan region (like Changsha). P.S. Sichuan food is also top notch.

So if you're thinking of finding a beautiful Asian wife, then give Chinese Love Links a try.

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