Monday, 31 January 2011

Japan Cupid - It's Difficult to Find a Japanese Wife Here!

So I've been registered with the Japan Cupid Japanese dating site for a few weeks now, and I've not had much luck so far. I have only been contacted by a few of ladies, and one of them was most likely a scammer. Another was 9 years older than the maximum age range I'd specified. I hate this - dating sites can be a real waste of time when people don't bother to read your requirements.

So what's up with Japanese ladies?

I have a few problems with Japan Cupid:
  • Japanese ladies are shy, and they don't seem to like making the first move.
  • Many ladies haven't uploaded photos, which means they're pretty much wasting their time. I mean, come on girls, do you seriously think a man will be interested in a lady with no photos?
  • I'm not American. Asian ladies love American men, but the love is strongest in Japan.
Beyond this though, I think that many Japanese ladies are really making a half hearted attempt at finding love online, or they've got the Western disease of looking for Mr 100%. I know a Chinese girl who is marrying an American man. Let me tell you that she spent all day, every day on Cherry Blossoms looking for a husband. She was dedicated, and it paid off. Many Filipinas are even more determined - a Filipina friend befriended me on Facebook, then befriended my richest friend! You go girl!!!!

In the UK there's a TV show here a comedian called Justin Lee Collins travels to Japan to investigate Japanese culture. I'm not his biggest fan, but I enjoyed the programme. The first episode started off looking at the gothic lolita girls in Harajuku. So far nothing different from all the other TV shows about Japan. But then he investigated some less well known aspects of Japan, like life-like female dolls that men can buy for some female company. And there was a great insight into Shinjuku's host bars, where women can pay large sums of money to drink and smoke with cute good looking men. He also attended a class where Japanese people can learn how to date members of the opposite sex.

The upshot of this show (as well as Japan's plunging birthrate) seems to be that Japanese people just seem to have gone off the idea of getting married and having kids. It seems pretty difficult for Japanese people to find love in Japan, so for us foreigners maybe it is an impossible task.

By contrast, I signed up to the Filipina dating site Filipina Heart and I was swamped with interest. Wow, I had to hide my profile, as I was getting more attention than I could handle. I've also had a lot of interest on Chinese Love Links. So it looks like my next trip to Asia will be to China. There are some very high quality ladies on Chinese Love Links, but that's the topic for future blog post.

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