Thursday, 27 January 2011

Is Your Filipina Girlfriend Really 18 Or Over?

I've been doing some reading about the murkier side of Filipina dating. And there are some disturbing aspects that you need to be aware of before you start chatting to Filipinas online.

One worrying aspect of Filipina dating is that there are plenty of stories of men innocently dating girls who are several years younger than what they claim to be. Are these stories true? Let's do some investigating...

So are there really underage Filipinas looking for Western men online? Today I had a look on Filipina It's a dating website aimed largely at the Filipina/Western man dating scene. Without too much searching I managed to find two 17 year old Filipinas on the site.

There are many other Filipina dating sites, and it's more difficult to gauge whether there are underage girls on them. For one thing a lot of sites only allow you to enter a minimum age of 18. Some sites may prevent a date of birth being entered that would mean the girl is younger than 18. But there's usually nothing to stop a 15 or 16 year old girl selecting her age as 18.

Some sites allow members to submit photographic ID as evidence of their identity and age. It's best to only use high quality dating sites such as these. However, on Filipina Cupid there aren't that many Filipinas who have verified their identities or date of birth. Even if they did, it's easy to get round this check. Many Filipinas come from large families, and they normally have a few sisters. It would be easy enough to borrow their older sister's ID, and it would take a very keen eye to spot the difference between two Filipina sisters.

So yes, there are underage girls on some Filipina dating sites. Before you get too involved with a Filipina, make absolutely certain that she's 18 or over. This is especially important if you plan on visiting her in the Philippines. A common way to scam Western men is to set them up with underage girls, then demand several thousand dollars in order to avoid the police being called. Of course the police are often in on it, so it's a lose-lose situation for the man.

Of course, dating a very young girl is setting you up for all kinds of other potential problems. If you're a Western man looking for a Filipina bride then it's best to stick to the girls who are at least 25. If you yourself are younger than 30 then it's a far better idea to look for a girlfriend in your own country, or to spend time in Asia so you can meet Asian girls in person.

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