Friday, 21 January 2011

3 Ways of Finding a Japanese Girlfriend

Japan is a fantastic country. I know - I've visited Japan four times.

Many men like the idea of getting a Japanese girlfriend. Here's three ways of finding a Japanese girlfriend:
  1. Live in Japan. This is the best way to get a Japanese girlfriend. Live in Japan and you'll have your pick of beautiful Japanese ladies. Many Japanese ladies are curious about Western men, and having a Western boyfriend is often on their list of things to do. Just bear in mind that just because a Japanese girl wants a Western boyfriend, it doesn't necessarily mean she wants a Western husband. If you're young and educated then you'll find it fairly easy to find an English language teaching job in Japan. Another option is to work for a multinational corporation with offices in Tokyo. In order to do this you'll usually have to work in a field such as IT or finance, and have at least a basic knowledge of the Japanese language.
  2. Sign up to Japanese Cupid. Japanese Cupid is probably the best Japanese dating site for Western men looking for Japanese girlfriends. The site is user-friendly and has some great features. There are plenty of female members on the site. On the downside, finding a Japanese girlfriend is much more difficult than finding a girlfriend from an Asian country such as Thailand or the Philippines.
  3. Try a Japanese introduction agency. Japanese ladies tend to be quite shy, and many of them on dating sites are too shy to even upload photos of themselves. Introduction agencies offer a more discreet service. There are a few introduction agencies that offer to match Japanese ladies with Western men. Just bear in mind that you usually have to travel to Japan in order to meet the ladies you're introduced to through the agency, and that costs money.

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