Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Japan Cupid - My Experiences So Far...

So I finally signed up for a full membership of Japan Cupid. I signed up for a whole year, and I got a big discount. I was pleased about that.

The Cupid Media dating sites are quite good. They have great search facilities and it's easy to contact the members. On the downside the image loader is rubbish and doesn't always work in my web browser. There are also plenty of profiles on the site that haven't been updated for a long time.

What I've noticed about Japan Cupid is that I've had a lot more interest in my dating profile since I signed up for full membership. I will warn you though that finding a Japanese wife or girlfriend isn't easy. For one thing Japanese ladies are quite shy and reserved, so they won't be beating a path down to your door. You need to go and chase them. The other thing is of course that Japanese ladies don't need to marry for economic reasons or to get a visa in order to leave Japan. Sign up for Filipino Cupid and you'll be swamped with interest. Don't expect the same from Japan Cupid.

Sadly now that my profile is listed amongst the Platinum members, I'm also more visible to scammers. I'll remind you that dating site scammers are hard at work on just about every dating site there is. Thankfully they're quite easy to spot on Japan Cupid. Many dating site scammers are from West African, and it is highly unlikely that your average dating site scammer will be able to pull the wool over the eyes of somebody who is knowledgeable about Japanese culture.

My one tip is to stay well away from ladies who haven't posted a photo of themselves on the site. They might be shy, but they're probably more likely to be a scammer!

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