Friday, 14 January 2011

Comparing Asian Women

If (like me!) you're not sure which Asian ladies would make the best wife for you, then this article about comparing Asian women is a fascinating read. I'm surprised to say that I actually agree with the author on many of the points he makes.

So far I've dated a Chinese lady. Yes she was beautiful. In fact the women in her home town are the most beautiful I have ever seen. And yet... I do worry about Chinese ladies growing older. They can get very controlling. Most Chinese families are pretty ambitious, so don't expect to put your feet up if you have a Chinese woman breathing down your neck. They're not called Dragon Ladies for nothing you know.

Onto Japan. I've been on dates with a number of different Japanese ladies. All were exceptionally nice, with beautiful manners. But at the same time, they were quite timid. While a lot of guys like this, I just wonder how long a relationship with a Japanese woman would last. It could get pretty boring.

Like the author of the piece, I've heard so many good things about Filipinas. Yes they can be clingy, but if you're looking for a wife and not a short term girlfriend (of the sort you can find in Thailand) then Filipinas are worth considering. Another great thing about Filipinas is that they have very womanly figures.

Finally I'll agree with the author is that the best Asian ladies are in Asia. Go to Japan or China and you'll be stunned by the beauty of the local ladies. I'm arranging my trip to the Philippines!

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