Tuesday, 25 January 2011

First Impressions of Chinese Cupid

So yesterday I signed up for full membership of Chinese Cupid. I've been a free member for a while, but it's time to start contacting some ladies to visit in China later in the year.

I like the Cupid Media sites. They are much cheaper than the pay per contact sites. In 2009 I was burned badly on Chnlove. I ended up spending over $400 on that site in less than 6 months. Yes I met a great lady though the site, and visiting her in China was fantastic. But $400 is still a lot of money. By comparison I've just paid around $165 for an annual Platinum membership of Chinese Cupid.

There are some great ladies on Chinese Cupid. You can tell that Asia is booming as we're rapidly moving out of mail order bride territory here. The ladies I've seen have great jobs, dress well and are very well educated. This site really does blow the poor uneducated farm girl mail order bride perception out of the window. It won't belong before Asia overtakes America and Western Europe as the hub of global power.

Anyway, back to Chinese Cupid. What's good about Chinese Cupid is that many of the ladies speak and write good English. If you're new to online dating or haven't been to Asia many times then it's much easier to stick to talking to these girls. Thankfully due to the excellent search facilities on the site it's possible to specify that you only want to search for ladies with good English skills (you can actually search on other languages as well). You can also write to them in Chinese - and I'll tell you that this will really impress them!

Any yes, on Chinese Cupid you can talk to as many ladies as you want, which is much better than Chnlove. A lot of the ladies have also posted natural photos of themselves. Obviously some ladies post rubbish photos but not every girl in China is a computer geek with ninja photo uploading skills.

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