Thursday, 5 May 2011

Single Foreign Women

If you're interested in dating an exotic beauty, or you're interested in second time around dating, then you might consider dating single foreign women. So how easy is it to find single foreign ladies, and how do you go about meeting them?

The good news is that the world has no shortage of single foreign women looking for marriage. Many women find it hard to find a husband in their own country, particularly if:

  • They are divorced, or their husband has abandoned them and their children.
  • They are Christian in a country where Christianity isn't widespread (China and Japan come to mind here).
  • Men in their own country don't find them attractive (ideas of beauty vary widely between different cultures).
  • They are older than 30 in a country where men like to marry young girls.
  • They are alpha females that men in their own country don't always like, because they may have superior intellect or better jobs than they do.
  • Men in their own countries know they would make terrible wives (ha ha ha, you'll have to learn to avoid this type of foreign woman!)
So the good news is that there's no shortage of single foreign women available. Find them on the wide range of foreign and international dating sites. The bad news is that there are plenty of scammers on dating sites. There are also plenty of women who won't necessarily make good wives. Spotting them is often made complicated by the distance involved in long distance relationships, plus the significant language and cultural barriers. Despite this marriages between American men and foreign ladies tend to have a lower divorce rate than between an American man and woman.

As far as countries go, mail order bride type of wives tend to be found in Asia, Russia and, increasingly, from Latin America. Many men like the idea of finding a mail order bride who is happy to be a housewife. But there are increasing numbers of single professional ladies on foreign dating websites. Often they speak good English, have good careers and would be very insulted if you were to refer to them as being a mail order bride. If you want to find good quality single foreign women then take out a free trial membership of a site like Chinese Love Links, Latin American Cupid or Elena's Models.

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