Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Beautiful Mail Order Brides - Why Do They Seek Western Husbands?

If you're interested in second time around dating then you might like the idea of finding a wife from overseas. It doesn't usually take a lot of searching on the Internet to find mail order bride themed dating sites. There's plenty of these sites.

Whether you're interested in Russian, Asian, African or, increasingly Latin American brides, you'll usually be surprised at how many ladies there are on some of these sites. For example, the Chnlove Chinese mail order brides site claimes to list over 10,000 Chinese ladies on the site! And the free Asian dating website Date In Asia claims that it has over a million profiles. Sure many of the profiles are men, but it still gives you some idea of just how many Asian women are looking for foreign husbands.

So why do foreign ladies want to find Western husband? A few reasons include:

  • They're looking for money. This is often the number one reason why foreign ladies seek Western husbands, but it's not the only reason.
  • Christian ladies often find it hard to find partners in their own country, so they'll look overseas. This particularly applies to Chinese and Japanese ladies.
  • Divorced and separated ladies always find it more difficult to find love the second time around, as many men prefer to find previously unmarried brides.
  • Likewise, separated, divorced or unmarried ladies with young children often find it hard to find a partner.
  • Many ladies think they'll have a better life for them and their children in a Western country.
  • Some ladies are not considered beautiful by men in their own country, but to Western eyes they appear very pretty.
  • It's increasingly common to see highly educated ladies on foreign dating sites. Russian and Chinese ladies in particular often have a high level of education. Presumably they intimidate men in their own country, who would rather marry a housewife with average intelligence. If you can handle these ladies, they can often make great brides.
  • Ladies who have been seen dating foreign men are often avoided by men in their own country.
Obviously all ladies are different and each have their own reasons for choosing a Western husband. But if you are seeking a foreign bride for marriage then it's a good idea to work out exactly why a specific lady is seeking a foreign husband.

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