Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Older Men Dating Younger Women

Asian mail order bride type dating sites are especially popular with older men, especially those looking into second time around dating. So what's the story with all the younger ladies on these dating sites? Can older men really date much younger women? Here's a quick guide to older men dating younger women.

First of all the laws of supply and demand govern dating, just like they do many other things in life. The simple math is that there are more women on many Asian dating sites compared to men. So women often have to cast the net wider. Usually this means accepting a husband who is a few years older than themselves.

Older men are generally more interested in Asian dating than younger men. Finding an Asian bride costs a lot of money, which younger men don't always have. It also take a lot of time and effort to find a wife from a foreign country, so few younger men bother. Finally, younger men generally find it easier to find girlfriends in their own country since far fewer girls of their own age are married or already in relationships.

There's also a little of the grass is greener syndrome. Many men hear stories about Russian and Asian brides and think that these ladies would come without the faults that Western women have. While there are some great Russian and Asian women seeking Western husbands, just don't wear your rose tinted spectacles when you're looking into foreign and international dating. I can assure you that there are plenty of Chinese and other foreign ladies who are just as narcissistic, or shopaholics or have other personality disorders that you'd want to avoid when choosing a bride. In fact due to cultural and language issues (not to mention distances involved with long term relationships) it can be even harder to spot a bad potential partner than should you stick to dating women in your own country.

Talking to Asian ladies I know, I've heard plenty of tales of women just marrying Western men for money. Invariably these girls (and they are usually girls in their early to mid-20's) will marry pretty much the first man who comes along. If he's American as well as rich then so much the better. Sometimes these relationships do work. But if the man's money runs out then so will his lady. It's worth remembering that Asian ladies are often very beautiful and age gracefully, so they don't usually have too many problems finding another partner once they're in a Western country. So while it's perfectly acceptable for an older man to date a younger woman, just don't end up being her green card mule.

If this doesn't discourage you from seeking a younger bride then your possibilities are probably to head to Russia, Thailand or the Philippines. Assuming you can get past the legions of scammers, then the Philippines is probably the best place to look for a much younger bride. Sign up to a site like Filipino Cupid and you'll be swamped with attention from 18 and 19 year old girls, whatever your own age. Have fun with these girls, but at the back of your mind just remember that it's really just all about the money.


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