Friday, 6 May 2011

Meet Russian Women Free

If you're interested in finding a Russian bride, then where are the best places where you can meet Russian women for free?

Most Russian dating sites offer free trial subscriptions, so this is probably the best way to see if you like the idea of finding a Russian bride. Try Russian Euro, Ukraine Date or Elena's Models as three of the best sites. Be on the lookout for scam ladies on all of these sites though as they often slip through the net.

Free membership plans are great because once you register on the site you can generally use all the site's search facilities and check to see if you find many ladies who you'd be interested in having a relationship with. Generally sites allow you to maintain your free membership plan for as long as you like. Invariably you only need to pay for a subscription once you want to contact some of the ladies on the site.

As for free foreign dating sites, I'm not really a great fan of these. Free sites attract scammers as well as people who aren't really serious about having a long term relationship. On top of this, many of the free Russian dating sites are quite small and don't have that many lady profiles on them. The sites are also often poorly regulated and the sites don't take great care with your personal information. Finally, my biggest gripe with the free dating sites is that they often have very basic search facilties and there are not really much in the way of matchmaking features. While it's perfectly possible to meet some great Russian women on free dating sites, just be aware that it can be some serious needle in haystack business.

By the way, be very wary of sites that advertise that you can meet Russian women for free, as not all 100% free dating sites really are free!

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