Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What is the Cost of Mail Order Brides?

I've had a good attempt at calculating the cost of finding a mail order bride. A lot of guys want to know what they're getting into financially before they find a foreign bride from Russia or Asia (maybe Latin America too).

You know you can do all the math in the world, but here's the simple truth:
  • Mail order brides are expensive!
I spent a bit of time on an Asian dating forum a couple of years back. The guys on the board often mentioned the figure of $10,000. Having spent a fair amount of time and money on my own search for an Asian wife I'll tend to agree with them. So $10,000 is probably a reasonable figure for finding an Asian mail order bride, getting married and bringing her back to your country. Figure that $10,000 is also reasonable for a Russian bride. Latin brides from Colombia, Costa Rica or other Latin American countries might cost a bit less if you're an American guy who can get reasonably priced flights to that region.

Of course this $10,000 figure only includes expenses incurred in finding a bride. Once she's living with you in your own country there could well be further expenses. Actually, it's ladies we're talking about here, so of course there will be further costs!

How much more a foreign lady will cost you depends on the lady. I've spoken to career ladies, and if I married one of these then they'd be pretty much financially independent. I've also spoken to girls who just dream of being a housewife while the man goes out and earns the money. Your new bride's ability to work will also depend to some extent on her English language ability, and whether she has some skills that transfer well to life in a Western country. Different men like different types of lady, but this is another consideration you need to make when choosing a suitable bride for you.

So mail order brides are expensive, be under no illusions about that. Make sure you really can afford to find that foreign lady, then have enough money to support her after marriage. Money issues are the cause of many relationship issues, so being realistic about it will improve your chances of a successful and long lasting marriage to a beautiful foreign bride.

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