Friday, 10 June 2011

Chinese LoveLinks

So I've been doing a bit more searching on Chinese LoveLinks. There are some great Chinese ladies on this site. The downside is that it's not a good place for the newbie man seeking an Asian bride. The best suggestion I have is to sign up for free membership and take a look around. If you like what you see, then take out the discounted Gold or Platinum yearly subscription.

This is the important bit though - take your time! Spend at least one month just reading the emails and interests you get from Chinese ladies. Give yourself a good idea of what's out there, and the sort of Chinese lady you want.

You'll also start to see patterns emerging in suspicious ladies. Personally I am very suspicious of:

  • New members.
  • Ladies with no photos.
  • Ladies who contact you and tell you their email address straight away.
  • Chinese ladies not living in China.
  • Chinese girls under the age of 25.
  • Ladies with hidden profiles.
  • Ladies from Nanning.
The good news is that this little list probably encompasses the majority of the problem and scammer ladies on the site.

You can also probably add to this list the ladies who have obviously airbrushed photos. These photos look pretty much identical to the professional studio shots that are common on Chnlove. Many of these ladies will be represented by marriage agencies, which have their own particular hazards.

The Chinese LoveLinks ladies I actively seek out are:

  • Those with a sensible age difference to me (no more than 12 years age difference).
  • Professional ladies with good jobs.
  • Ladies who have put their English knowledge as "Good" or better.
  • Ladies who have obviously uploaded their own photos (sometimes poor quality) and have written their own profiles (sometimes in bad English).
  • Ladies who live away from home and who have brothers and sisters.
  • Ladies who have a QQ account so I can chat to them.
  • Ladies who have taken some thought into what to write on their profile, although I avoid those with a long shopping list of requirements in a man.
Does this work? Yes! I have met a number of ladies in person after seeing them on Chinese LoveLinks. Each of them was a great lady in her own way, and there wasn't a scammer amongst them. Sure, not all of them were marriage material, but that's something you just can't tell from a dating site, you really have to meet these ladies in person before you can decide if they're for you.

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