Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What is the QPid Network?

The QPid Network is a network of Asian dating websites popular with men seeking mail order brides from Asia.
The QPid Network has two main sites:
  • Chnlove
  • Thai Matches
The sites used to be a single site but I guess men like me complained so much about Thai women being on a Chinese dating site that the Thai women were shifted off to a separate website. Generally speaking I don't know of any men seeking Chinese brides who would also consider dating a Thai women. So it makes sense to keep the sites separate.

Both Chnlove and Thai Matches are letter writing sites. These sites are free to join, but you have to pay to contact the ladies on the site. The cost of sending or receiving a letter includes a fee to get the letter translated into the lady's native language (i.e. Thai or Mandarin Chinese).

Good things about both sites include the fact that it's one way of getting around the language barrier. The sites are especially popular with men seeking more mature Asian wives, since these ladies are less likely to speak English. Chnlove in particular is great for Chinese mature women.

On the downside, letter writing sites are expensive! Writing letters to Asian ladies can work out much more expensive than using a flat rate Asian dating site such as Asian Euro, Asian Kisses or Chinese Love Links.

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