Thursday, 7 July 2011

ForeignLadies International Dating Site

One of the international dating sites men searching for foreign brides usually come across is ForeignLadies. I must admit that I too first looked at this site when I first thought of the idea of looking for love overseas.

Good things about ForeignLadies include the fact that you can see the ladies' profiles without having to login and register first. So it's a good site if you're window shopping for a foreign bride. Another good thing is that it has a range of ladies from a wide range of countries. So it's a good place if you're not sure if you want a Russian, Asian or even a Latin American bride.

Sadly that's probably the best of the site over with. ForeignLadies is quite an expensive site to use. It's of the letter writing variety, where you have to pay to send a letter to a lady. After I found ForeignLadies I found Chnlove, and I spent over $400 on that site in just a few months. Wow, was I a mug. I could have signed up to Chinese Love Links for an annual membership plan of around $165! And there are enough English speaking ladies on this site that there's no need for a translation letter writing service anyway.

Another kicker for me is that if you search hard enough you can find the same ladies on more than one dating site. I've personally seen ladies from Chnlove on Cherry Blossoms. Do some hunting around and no doubt you'll find the ForeignLadies ladies on other sites.

Having said that, plenty of men do find love on ForeignLadies and go on to marry the foreign lady of their dreams. But just watch the costs of sites like this because I know of men who have spent 1000's of dollars writing to ladies on international dating sites, and that's a big price to pay for finding love overseas.

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