Wednesday, 9 March 2011

More DateInAsia Timewasting

I'm looking for a Chinese wife so recently I signed up to the DateInAsia free Asian dating site. I've had a couple more contacts. Again neither of the ladies were particularly suitable. One didn't have a photo, the other was only 22 and just wanted to chat. I want to find a wife. I have no interest in chatting.

Really I should spend an evening browsing the site in search of Chinese ladies to chat to. But why should I? The site is basically rubbish. There are too many timewaster ladies. There are too many dubious ladies. And the site has very basic facilities for storing your favorites while you think about them.

No, I'm sticking with Chinese Cupid. It cost around $165 to join for a whole year. There are great facilities for saving details of your favorite Chinese ladies. You can even put little notes next to their photos so you can remind yourself of why you liked them, and whether you think they're good wife material.

If you're serious about finding a good quality Asian wife then you'll need these types of logistics. To give you an example I've currently got 39 ladies on my favorites list. That's actually cut down from 58 I had at one stage. And that's actually quite a low number because I'm planning to visit a specific city and I have absolutely no interest in ladies who are emailing me from other parts of China (focus is crucial in this game).

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