Friday, 4 March 2011

Scammers Scammers Everywhere

So I've spent a few hours this morning reading about dating site scams on Romance This is an interesting, and also disturbing site. The main problem is that dating site scammers seem to be operating on just about every dating site there is. If you thought the problem was mainly affecting foreign dating sites (especially mail order bride themed sites) then you'd be wrong. In fact, eHarmony is getting a poor reputation for the number of scammers operating on that site. If you thought eHarmony was safe and secure, then you might want to so some Googling.

This certainly computes with what I've heard from other sources. One thing I've learnt is that both men and women are equally likely to be scammed. Women in particular are very susceptible to West African dating site scammers from Ghana and Nigeria. They'll often pose as good looking American men in order to lure in their victims. There's plenty of evidence that they steal photos from other dating sites, choosing the photos of the best looking men on whichever site they're looking at. So always be careful when uploading photos of yourself to a dating site. Only upload your own photos to sites that employ watermarking of the photos, so they're not so easy to steal.

So whether you're seeking a Russian bride, an Asian bride or a partner from your own town, be vigilant! The good news is that with experience you can learn to spot the majority of the scammers, especially the money scammers. But if you're contemplating online dating, then you really need to read, read and read until you know how to spot the scammers.

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