Friday, 4 March 2011

How Much Money Does an American Man Need to Get a Chinese Wife?

Interested in Chinese mail order brides but not sure if you can afford it? It's best to do some math before you fall in love with a beautiful Chinese lady on a site like Chinese Kisses.

So let me give you a ballpark figure. Finding a Chinese wife from China will cost around $10,000. This includes:
  • Dating site or marriage agency fees.
  • Travelling to meet her (and factoring in the fact that the first lady you visit might not be a suitable bride for you).
  • Engagement and marriage.
  • Bringing her back to live with you in the states.
Additional costs will of course arise after marriage. Most (all?) Chinese people attach a great importance to money and wealth. If you don't have a lot of cash, then your new bride may not stick around. Make sure you can support her after you get married! This will include at least one trip back to China each year so she can visit her family.

Chinese ladies who don't speak English can find it exceedingly hard to find employment in the USA after marriage. So you'll have to support her for a long time. She might be able to get a cleaning job or something. But a career lady who had a good career back in China won't find this exactly fulfilling.

So if you're a man of modest means, then think carefully about your Chinese wife idea and make sure you really can afford it. As with everything in life, you have to be realistic about your dreams.

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