Friday, 11 March 2011

Avoiding Terrible Thai Love Links Scams

Here's an article about Thai Love Link scams. Thai Love Links is a popular Thai dating site run by Cupid Media. I've not used Thai Love Links as much as I have its sister sites Japan Cupid, Chinese Cupid and Filipina Heart. But the sites are all pretty much the same.

Sadly Thai dating sites have a bit of a repuation for scam ladies. Finding an honest Thai bride isn't that easy, especially if you use a dating site rather than a marriage agency. My top tips for avoiding the many scammers and dubious ladies on the Cupid Media sites are:

Look for a lady with a proper day job, not one who described her self as being self employed or having a home business.
Avoid ladies with hidden profiles or no any photos in their profile.
Avoid ladies who smoke or who have tattoos.
Avoid ladies who give you their email address in their first email to you then profess their dying love for you.
Be wary of ladies who do things out of the ordinary, like suggest you chat on another site.

Finally the obvious thing is to never send money to anyone you meet on Thai Love Links or any other site.

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  1. i met a lady through TLL...i have met her in thailand, she is much younger than me....i feel i am lucky and that i have met a genuine lady...i have met her family....i am i no doubt that she is genuine....i appreciate there are a lot of 'fake' people out there (internet, and people [mainly men] should be very wary.