Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Vietnamese Dating - Alternative to Thai or Filipina Dating?

Increasing numbers of men are now looking at the option of finding a mail order bride from Vietnam. If I was starting my search for an Asian wife now, I think I would consider Vietnam my #1 choice.
Vietnam is generally less well developed than other Asian countries (particularly Thailand). So the ladies have a reputation for being much less Westernised than Thai women. Chinese men think this is a good thing, and large numbers of them are heading over the border in search of wives.

Vietnam is still a developing country. But the Vietnamese economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. It's possible to find plenty of English speaking women with good office lady type jobs online. Increasing numbers of ladies have access to a computer at home or at work. This means that you can chat directly to them online instead of having to use a rather dubious mail order bride marriage agency.

So where do you find nice marriage minded Vietnamese girls? One site worth looking at is Vietnam Cupid. This is a site specifically aimed at the Vietnamese dating market. Of course it's main use is for Western men to meet beautiful Vietnamese girls for romance and marriage.

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