Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How to Find Love Overseas

Global air travel and the rise of the Internet mean that it's never been easier to find love overseas. For many years, British and American men were well known for going to Thailand in search of exotically beautiful Asian mail order brides. But now everyone's at it. British women are marrying American men, Australian men are marrying Indonesian women and so on.

If you like the idea of international dating but haven't quite decided on what country you want to find a partner from, then it's worth looking at a dating site with an international flair. One such site is International Cupid. This site isn't exclusively for men seeking mail order brides, so Western women won't feel intimidated signing up for this site.

The site offers totally free membership. Like many dating sites you only really need to pay in order to contact members on the site. The membership fee is very reasonable, and there is a good discount if you sign up for an annual membership.

On the downside, international dating scams are commonplace. It's essential to be on your guard whichever dating site you choose to use. Be wary of members without photos, or who email you and profess their undying love for you in their first email. Also be on the lookout for the many African dating site scammers who can be found on most dating sites these days.

But don't let horror stories about scams put you off searching for love overseas.

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