Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Brand New 100% Free Asian Dating Site!

Looking for a 100% Free Asian dating site?
Well I've bitten the bullet and built my own dating site. These things are easy when you're a software developer and database programmer.

The site I've created is Asian Love Connections. Check it out!

Of course the site is new and doesn't have many members yet, but they'll come. In the meantime you can create your profile today and be assured of a lot of interest as more members sign up.

Members who sign up now get to take advantage of totally free dating without having to pay the huge fees that other sites charge.

To give you some examples, a year's membership of Chinese Love Links cost me £99 (around $165). And on Chnlove I spent something like $400 in just a few weeks!

So join me today on Asian Love Connections, where online Asian dating won't cost you a cent!

And because I've created this site for YOU, I'm happy to incorporate any changes you think would make the site the coolest Asian chat site online.

Happy and successful Asian dating!

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