Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What to Look for in Mail Order Bride Catalogs

Traditional mail order bride agencies used to send out printed catalogs for gentlemen to read and look for the foreign bride of their dreams.

Nowadays virtually all mail order bride agencies have moved onto the internet, so their mail order bride catalogs have moved online as well. This makes it easier than ever to search for a foreign bride, although choice can often be bewildering.

The first thing to realise is that there are a lot of women in the world, and before venturing onto a agency website it's a good idea to know what sort of bride you're looking for. Here's an extensive guide to Russian brides and Asian brides.

Knowing whether you want a Russian, Asian or even a Latin American bride helps narrow things down somewhat.

I've been looking for a Chinese bride for a while. Let me tell you that the most popular ladies on Chinese Love Links (presumably in terms of profile views) are exactly the sort of ladies that wouldn't necessarily make good brides. While perusing the catalog, it's usually best to choose a bride closer to your own age - she will love you a lot more, rather than just love your bank balance. In all my trips to Asia I haven't seen that many older Asian men with much younger brides, so take care with that age range.

On most agency sites, a few girls get the most attention from men. Choose one of the overlooked ladies and she'll be overjoyed to get some interest in her profile.

It's also a good idea to look at ladies who genuinely find it harder to find a husband in their own country. These ladies will have a much more legitimate reason for wanting to marry a foreign man. So take a look at divorced ladies, divorced or separated ladies with children, older ladies, ladies not considered beautiful in their own country, Christian ladies, ladies with very good careers and ladies who just aren't very photogenic (but will often look stunning in real life). Hopefully this will allow you to uncover some overlooked gems in mail order bride catalogs.

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