Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Philippines Women Seeking Marriage

Where is the best place to find Philippines women seeking marriage?

Look on any Asian dating site and you'll be swamped with Filipina admirers. But many of these ladies are scammers, or give you all kinds of promises of romance and marriage if you agree to send them some money.

There are some great Filipina ladies around, and they can make loving, devoted wives. Sadly the decent ladies are often outnumbered by the questionable ladies. In fact, I heard from a member of Filipino Cupid (Filipina Heart) that of the 40 or so ladies he talked to, only 2 appeared to be genuine ladies! These are pretty poor odds of finding love in the Philippines!

Throughout Asia the best way to find love is to build a network of contacts. Filipinas are naturally very friendly, and easy to chat to. A good way to find a Philippines woman for marriage is to get working a network of contacts in the Philippines. Start with somebody you can trust, and build up your network. Take it from me, that on my last trip to China every lady I met knew a few other ladies who were looking for husbands.

Another good way of finding a Philippines bride is to spend a few months living in the Philippines. Again, use the opportunity to build up your contacts in the Philippines. Western expats with Filipino wives are a good starting place, but if you live in the Philippines for a while you'll find it very easy to meet people.

Quite a few men like the idea of marrying one of the many Philippines women who work overseas. There are tens of thousands of Filipinas working in Hong Kong or in the Middle East. Something to bear in mind however is that these ladies aren't always any more trustworthy than ladies living in the Philippines. So whichever Filipina dating site you use, take care and never send any girl money.

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