Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Christian Mail Order Brides

Many men, particularly American men, like the idea of finding a mail order bride who shares their religious beliefs. So where is it the best place to find Christian mail order brides?

The obvious place to look is the Philippines. The majority of Filipinas are Christian. They tend to be God fearing, and take their religion very seriously. Of course, the Filipino version of Christianity might differ a little from your own particular type of Christianity, so expect some differences of opinion.

If you want to find a Filipino mail order bride then all Asian dating sites have thousands of Filipnas on them. Sorting out the good and decent ladies from the scammers is a big job though. If you're up to the challenge, then head to DateInAsia, Filipino Cupid or Filipino Kisses.

It's less well known that some other Asian ladies are Christian. I've encountered plenty of Christian ladies in Japan and China. These ladies can often find it hard to find a Christian partner in their own countries, so they will look for a husband overseas. These ladies can often make great Asian brides as they have a legitimate reason for finding it hard to find husbands in their own country. So sign up to Japan Cupid or Chinese Love Links and specify that you only want to meet Christian ladies.

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