Friday, 24 September 2010

Dating Cute Girls from Japan or Korea

Most men looking for Asian brides tend to look to Thailand, China or the Philippines. But it's worth considering the other Asian countries beside these three.

There are many beautiful ladies in Japan and South Korea. Both countries are very wealthy so there isn't such big interest in rich foreign husbands as there is in China, Thailand or the Philippines. Finding a wife from Japan or Korea is therefore a much bigger challenge. However if you manage to find the girl of your dreams then you can be much more sure that a woman is marrying you for the right reasons. Sadly with Chinese Thai or Filipina ladies this isn't always the case.

Japan is an expensive place to live and work compared to the rest of Asia. However many Japanese ladies work overseas. If you work in a professional industry like IT or accountancy then with a bit of language learning under your belt you might be able to find an expat job in Japan. This is the easiest option when it comes to finding a Japanese wife.

Korean ladies aren't easy to find either, but many countries such as the USA, Canada or the UK have significant Korean communities so this might be a good place to make contacts and look for a Korean woman.

Otherwise online dating sites are worth a look. Japan Cupid is a good website for finding a Japanese wife or girlfriend. Likewise Korean Cupid is the site to go to if you're interested in Korean ladies.

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