Thursday, 16 September 2010

Alternatives to Asian Brides

Asian brides are really popular, especially with Western white guys who seem to find them irresistible. So what are the alternatives to dating Asian women?

Many guys like the idea of a black wife and there are plenty of dating sites like Afrointroduction and AfroRomance that cater for that niche. The site also has plenty of sexy black women looking for a white husband. Many of the site’s members are living in Africa but there are also plenty of African American, Caribbean and European members.

For American guys another option is to look south of the border. Latina brides from South American countries are immensely popular. The beauty of women in Puerto Rica and Brazil is obvious, but there are also plenty of sexy women in Mexico or Columbia. The other great thing about this option is that you don’t need to cross the Atlantic or Pacific oceans in search of love.

Finally there’s the option of a Eastern European or Russian bride. There are large numbers of Russian marriage agencies that will help you to find a Russian bride.

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