Friday, 24 September 2010

Be wary of Filipina dating scams

No matter how many times you write about this there seem to be another bunch of guys falling for the same old Filipina dating scams.

Sadly Filipina scam ladies are especially numerous on dating sites so you need to take care when being contacted by a Filipina girl on one of the many dating sites.

The dating sites like Asian Kisses and Cherry Blossoms try their best to remove scammers, but sadly on sites where ladies sign up for free the scammers can simply sign up faster than they can be removed.

Sadly it's not easy for the sites to spot the scammers, because it's usually a victim of a scam who complains, and if one man has been scammed then you can be in no doubt that there will be a few other victims. Also the sites don't always take reports seriously - I complained to Cherry Blossoms about the behavior of a particular lady, but her profile was only taken down for a few days before they put it back online again. I never found out precisely what she was up to, but I'm sure some sucker will pay a heavy price for getting involved with her.

The other day I heard about a guy who lost $2000 to a scam lady. That's a lot of cash, and about the same amount as a reputable Thailand marriage agency would charge you for their services, which include finding a wife, handling the marriage and visa arrangements and helping you out after marriage.

Don't let it happen to you! Don't let love cloud your judgement. Most scams are pretty easy to spot but love confuses us so we often fall for incredibly simple plots. Don't fall in love with someone you've never met, and be very suspicious of a younger lady wanting to marry an older man. Contrary to what you might have heard, Asian ladies DO NOT prefer much older men - if you have any doubts then sign up to Japan Cupid and see how many 20 year old Japanese girls are looking for a 50-60 year old man. Most of the Japanese girls are looking for a guy their own age or perhaps 4-5 years older

Finally, there are millions of decent Filipina girls out there, so keep looking for the good ones.

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