Friday, 14 May 2010

Trouble in paradise

The political turmoil in Thailand is troubling. I don't know why this kind of thing goes on but the first thing to happen when political turmoil brews up is that tourists stop visiting that country.

It happened a couple of years ago in Kenya. It's happening to Greece now. And the same will happen to Thailand.

Usually these are short term problems, but the world is a competitive place and countries all over the world are desparate for foreign tourists to visit their country. Greece's loss is Croatias gain. The problem is that tourists who would have gone to Greece go to Croatia instead, realise how much nicer it is than Greece, then never return. Maybe this it Thailand's fate. Vietnam, Laos, and to a certain extent China are going to gain from Thailand's woes.

I suspect I would be unwise to look for a Thai wife at this time. Hopefully the country can sort itself out before something more serious like a civil war breaks out.

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