Friday, 11 June 2010

Asian Kisses Dating Site

I've been looking around for asian dating sites and I've found a new one called Asian Kisses. It seems particularly popular with German men looking for Asian wives and girlfriends. There are quite a few members on the site, so you could find the partner of your dreams there.

One novel feature of the Asian Kisses dating site is that you can actually search for ladyboys if that's your cup of tea!

The other nice feature of Asian Kisses is that they publish statistics about the users on the site, so you can see how many male and female members there are. There are other dating statistics available, like what country the users are from, age ranges etc.

I don't know if there is a membership fee for this site or whether it is free. A lot of online dating sites make it really hard to find out how much they cost. It's annoying but I guess they want people to sign up for free, quickly register then find a potential partner and want to contact them ASAP.

Anyway, here's some more information about the Asian Kisses dating site.

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