Friday, 29 October 2010

Philippine Introductions - Filipina Introduction Agency

Filipina dating sites like FilipinaHeart or the more general Asian dating sites like Asian Kisses are popular with Western guys looking for Filipina wives and girlfriends. However, the unfortunate thing is that scamming Westerners is a cottage industry in the Philippines. Consequently venturing onto a dating site in search of an honest Filipino woman is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.

So what are the alternatives? Instead of risking a dating site, it's often better to use an introduction agency. A reputable introduction agency will check a lady's identity as well as running background checks on her. Furthermore, word of mouth is an important way of finding a partner throughout Asia. Many ladies registered with introduction agencies are introduced to the agency through a friend, so you can be a bit more certain that the right type of lady is applying to be a member of the introduction agency. Obviously there's still a risk of marrying a lady who is just after a visa, but hopefully the introduction agency can help you screen these types of women out as well.
Here's a review of Philippine Introductions. Philippine Introductions is based in the USA so you get the security of dealing with a Western based introduction agency.

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