Tuesday, 12 October 2010

FilipinaHeart – Best Filipina Dating Site

If you’re looking for a Filipina wife then a good dating site to try is FilipinaHeart. FilipinaHeart is one of the many Cupid Media run dating sites, other sites include Chinese Cupid. Here’s a review of FilipinaHeart.

Looking for a Filipina wife online is difficult and also easy. There are tens of thousands of beautiful Filipina women on the various dating sites. The Philippines economy is bad, and marrying a Western man is one of the easiest ways out of hardship. Sadly it can be difficult to find an honest Filipina on these sites. Online dating scams are a big growth industry throughout the World, and dating site operators have a busy time trying to keep the scammers off of their sites.

FilipinaHeart has better anti-fraud measures than most dating sites, but it’s still a good idea to be vigilant. Men looking for wives tend to let their guard down, so despite all the warnings it’s all too common to read about men losing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in online dating scams.

Most of the Filipina dating scams are actually quite easy to spot. If the woman is working on her own then the scam is unlikely to be very sophisticated. Be particularly wary of women contacting you, especially those who seem really over-eager to meet you. Invariably scam ladies are the younger and more attractive ladies, although older ladies might also try it on, especially if they have a family to support.

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