Friday, 15 October 2010

Can you find a Japanese mail order bride?

Many men are unaware of the differences between the various Asian countries. While it is possible to find loads of mail order bride businesses in Thailand, China and the Philippines, there's not much of a mail order bride business in Japan.

In fact the whole mail order bride business is a bit demeaning for women, so it's not surprising that so many find it offensive. Asia's economic growth also mean that women don't need to marry for economic reasons like they did in the past. The profile of women using online dating sites to find foreign marriage partners is also changing. In particular the Chinese women on mail order bride sites tend to be from the middle to upper sections of Chinese society. They usually have fairly good jobs, and an increasing number of them have studied overseas.

It is however possible to find a Japanese wife. There are a few Japanese women who prefer to find Western husbands. They are far less likely to marry for economic reasons, which is not always the case with women from China, Thailand or the Philippines.

If you're looking for a Japanese bride, here's more information about Japanese mail order brides, and how to go about finding a Japanese wife.

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