Thursday, 19 August 2010

My Review of the China Love Match Chinese Dating Site

Here's some thoughts about China Love Match. There are lots of Chinese dating sites online, but the only one I would ever consider using is Chinese Love Links. There are some beautiful ladies on Chnlove, but that site has huge problems and is best avoided.

China Love Match makes it quite easy to chat and email Chinese ladies looking for Western husbands. I'm very wary of the site - it's based in Hong Kong and business practices there are really on the slide. By all means gvie China Love Match a go, but be very wary of posting too many personal details. Finding an honest Chinese wife is very difficult, so if you're serious about the idea then read, read, read and read some more until you know everything there is to know about Chinese-Western dating.

1 comment:

  1. I registered on the site and was communicating with a Chinese women (so I thought). Funny how she knew the content of my other emails to other women I sent messages to. I defiantly would not trust Chinalovematch.
    Also, most of their reviews seem to be written by the owner of the site.